DBYC Lamma Rally & Seafood Lunch | 11th May 2019

The 2019 Lamma Rally took place on May 11th, under sunny skies and promises of fair winds. In keeping with the tradition of this rally, the winds did not materialize until near the finish, resulting in a slow crawl to Lamma Island and a rather more boisterous sail home! Six boats competed and despite the lack of wind, it was a reasonably close rally, with a tie for first place going to Aegean and Alexa, followed in 2nd place by Speedy Gonzales, with Angelina in 3rd place. Sex Drive came in 4th, a good showing considering she had engine troubles and had to be towed to the shortened course start line! Square Bear won a special prize for being the first to throw in the towel and crack the beers! Lunch was held at the Genuine Lamma Hilton Seafood Restaurant, and a fun afternoon was had by twenty six DBYC members. Thanks to Roger and Susan Wilkinson for organizing the rally aboard their motor vessel Double Haven. Special thanks to St.john Cameron for his excellent tender services in ferrying sailors from their yachts to the pier!

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