DBYC Summer Beach Party | 1st June 2019 | Sunshine Island

Last years DBYC Summer Beach Party was a blast! - so please join us again for this years event which will be held on Saturday 1st June at Sunshine Island from 2pm onwards. All members and friends of the DBYC are welcome to join. Our friends from the Lantau Boat Club will also be joining.

There will be a BBQ provided which is $200 per head for those who are interested (kids $50). Let us know asap by email to webdoc@dbyc.net if you wish to join as we will order the appropriate amount of food. Please bring your own drinks.

If you need a ride over to Sunshine Island from Discovery Bay let us know and we will help to arrange. Note we will anchor by the beach on the Western side of Sunshine Island adjacent to Hei Ling Chau.

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