BART'S BASH 15th September 2019

The Bart’s Bash is a multi-club worldwide sailing event which in 2014 broke the record for the largest sailing event in history with 9.484 boats participating. This year will mark the fifth annual event and participants will not only be competing against boats in their own club, but against thousands around the globe with the world results being posted after the race. Discovery bay Yacht Club and the Lantau Boat Club will hold a joint event which will take place in the waters to the East of Lantau. The aim of the event is to raise money for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation and Sailability Hong Kong.

To enter your boat, go to and click on ‘sign up’ and generate your entry on the ‘sign up as an individual’ tab. Look for DBYC in the club list and please enter in the correct club page.

A disclaimer form will be included in the race instructions. This must be completed by all yacht skippers and sent to the race organiser at

There are no entry fees for the race, although skippers are asked to make a donation to the Andrew Simpson Foundation on the Bart’s Bash Website for their club. Suggested donations are $200 per yacht.

Please contact the RO Simon Ludlow at if you have any questions.

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